16 Sep 2010

Waterloo Road Gay Storyline - Series 6 Episode 4

L-R - Finn Sharkey (Jack McMullen), Jonah Kirby (Lucien Laviscount), Ronan Burley (Ben Ryan Davies) & Josh Stevenson (William Rush).

Loved tonights episode of Waterloo Road!

This is where many people both parents and students and other young people see the insight into the difficult time of distinguishing your sexuality and how you tell people about it.

For me telling my friends was easy and simple but to tell my family was hard. I was bullied during school but once i came out to people in school it stopped I think that this has got to do something with the modern mindset that our generation has today.

I'm hopeful for this storyline to be portrayed in those eyes but also I wish that we can see the horrible sides of homophobia to either Josh Stevenson (William Rush) or Connor Lewis (Luke Tittensor) that all gays have fell victim to or will do, and I hope these incredibly young and talented actors are able to do the seriousness of homophobia and discrimination justice.

Roy xoxo

Kieron Richardson GAY!!

That's right a NEW outed Gay has joined the ranks - this time in the form of the Hollyoaks actor and dancing on ice contestant Kieron Richardson. Well done Kieron for coming out on This Morning on the 15th September to Holly & Phil. He also revealed on the show of a troubling storyline coming up for his character involving domestic violence, self realisation and trust issues. I wish the best for Kieron and will be watching Hollyoaks closely to see how this story develops.

Hollyoaks - 6.30pm C4 or 7.00pm E4
Catch up with the full interview on the ITV player (only available for 5 days)

Roy xx

8 Sep 2010

Pete Burn's New Track - Never Marry An Icon

I am loving this track! I think it's a great way to some up his difficulties through his civil partenership with Michael Simpson and his view on Civil Partenerships and Marriage. I think also that this song is great to show why we all LOVE Pete, because he's always changing asthetically but also demonstrates that he will not fit into the 'norm'. I love the track so WatchNow on YouTube - this is a video with his new song but with various Pete pics during the song. It shows some backstage photos from The Vengaboy's Im On A Rocket To Uranus vid that he did a cameo in. Enjoy!